Practice Groups

General Liability

Colleges and Universities

Our attorneys have been at the forefront of representing universities for more than 30 years. Beyond providing advice to general counsel and university risk managers on a full range of issues that routinely confront institutions of higher learning, our lawyers have gained a unique ability to help our clients manage the competing influences that so often impact decisions in this unique setting, whether those issues involve community relations or interaction with local governments.

We have represented colleges and universities in a wide range of matters, including:

  • General liability and property-related accidents
  • Construction accidents and labor law violations, including review and analysis of university contracts with general contractors, construction managers, and sub-contractors
  • Athletic department liability
  • Toxic tort claims arising from exposure to asbestos, lead, chemical spills, and other hazards
  • Enforcement of university rules and prosecution of students for rules infractions
  • Intellectual property disputes involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, and misappropriation
  • Medical malpractice suits against university hospitals and medical staff
  • Building architecture and landmark-related issues
  • Political interaction with surrounding community


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