Leaving New York – But What About One’s New York Business?
January 18, 2022 |Louis Vlahos | Income Tax | New York State | State Tax Issues
Goodbye New York Late last year, the U.S. Census Bureau released data showing population shifts across the country during 2021.[i] According to this information, New York lost 1.8 percent of its population.[ii] It appears New York’s experience was not an isolated case. In a report issued earlier this month, the…
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Gifting Business Interests Before Selling the Business? Think Valuation
January 11, 2022 |Louis Vlahos | Federal Budget
Counting the Days? We are 302 days away from the national mid-term elections, to be held November 8, 2022, yet the first full week of the new year has already highlighted some of the economic issues with which the Administration will have to grapple over the next few months if…
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New York’s Pass-Through Entity Tax, F Reorgs, and the Sale of An Electing S Corp
January 04, 2022 |Louis Vlahos | Federal Budget
Timing I had planned to post this piece during the third week of December, a day or so after the exchange between Senator Manchin and the White House sealed the fate of the Build Back Better plan, at least in its current iteration; by then, however, what had already proven…
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‘Tis the Season . . . to Recall Taxes?
December 23, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Income Tax
Mention the “tax season” and most folks think of the weeks leading up to the April 15 deadline for filing one’s federal individual income tax return and paying the associated income tax. Truth be told, given the number of filing and payment obligations imposed upon taxpayers – both personal and…
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The Tax-Deferred Rollover – Some Considerations
December 14, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Federal Budget | Income Tax
 Down to the Wire? “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.” – Pres. Ronald Regan That line probably describes the exasperation with which many Americans are observing the behavior of their representatives in Congress these…
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Selling Your S Corporation’s Business? What If It’s Not an S Corporation?
December 08, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Federal Budget
Haste Makes Waste? How many of you are suffering from Build Back Better Fatigue? Seriously, it’s a thing.[i] Sure, the House passed its version of the President’s tax and spending bill on November 19[ii], and the Senate took up the bill after its Thanksgiving recess, with Senate Majority Leader Schumer…
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Not Selling Despite Tax Increases? Review the Buy-Sell Agreement Among Owners
November 29, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Federal | Income Tax
Not Selling Your Business This Year? Beginning shortly before the House Ways and Means Committee released its version of the President’s Build Back Better plan, several posts on this blog have explored the uptick in M&A activity as the owners of many closely held businesses have sought to sell them…
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One Step Closer to “Building Back” – Where Do Federal Transfer Taxes Stand?
November 22, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Gift Tax | Income Tax
Tax the Rich? The President’s plan for a tax regime that would ensure the rich pay their “fair share” of the cost of implementing his programs has come one step closer to being realized . . . maybe . . . well, sort of . . . at least in…
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Gift Transfers: Not on the Congressional Agenda, But Still in the Crosshairs of the IRS
November 15, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Federal Budget | Gift Tax
Same old in D.C. On Monday, November 15, the President will sign into law the approximately $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that was finally passed by Congress when the House approved the Senate’s version of the legislation on November 5. According to various reports, an estimated $6 billion…
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Selling to Private Equity? Maybe You Should “F Reorg” First
November 09, 2021 |Louis Vlahos | Federal | Income Tax
Having Fun? Hope you had a decent weekend. Perhaps you did something interesting, maybe even fun, like some end-of-season apple picking? Or maybe you had a cider donut with some hot coffee at a farm stand you stumbled upon on your way back from attending a football game at a…
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