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Complex Torts & Product Liability

Attorneys in Rivkin Radler’s Complex Torts & Product Liability Practice Group recognize that product liability and toxic tort lawsuits are unlike other types of tort litigation confronting corporate America today. A single finding that a product is defective or toxic can have devastating consequences to both a company’s fiscal health and its reputation. That’s why leading manufacturers and distributors trust their product liability and toxic tort cases to Rivkin Radler.

For more than half a century, our attorneys have defended the interests of chemical manufacturers, companies involved in asbestos claims, as well as medical device, pharmaceutical, industrial, commercial and consumer product manufacturers. We work closely with each client to formulate and execute a solid, informed defense strategy for the product or substance at issue, whether in the context of a single plaintiff case or a mass tort setting involving class action or multi-district litigation proceedings.

Combining our extensive knowledge of product liability law and early inquiry into the unique science and engineering issues that underlie such claims, we help to protect the corporate brand while obtaining the best resolution possible for each claim—be it through motion practice, settlement or trial. We are particularly proud of our long-term relationships with our clients, which have enabled us to:

  • Win precedent-setting, hard-fought legal battles including the landmark Agent Orange case that changed the course of class action litigation.
  • Represent multiple defendants in ongoing asbestos, mold, pharmaceutical and lead paint litigation.
  • Be the “go to” counsel for manufacturers and distributors we have represented in other lawsuits, such as commercial and residential plumbing equipment.
  • Serve as panel counsel for insurers of medical devices and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.
  • Work cooperatively with other law firms as national coordinating or local counsel.

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