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Members of Real Estate Group Close Multiple Deals in December
January 1, 2018 | Yaron J. Kornblum | Louis D'Amaro | Evan R. Schieber | Jeffrey P. Rust | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use | Corporate
On December 27, 2017, Yaron Kornblum represented the tenants-in-common purchasers in their acquisition, with a twist, of 2734 Sedgwick Avenue, Bronx, NY for the purchase price of $9.42 million. The Purchasers first acquired the shares of the Seller for a purchase price of $7.9 million. The closing on the real property was consummated immediately thereafter, …
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D’Amaro Finalizes Commercial Lease Transactions for New Jersey Performing Arts Dance Company and Manhattan Entertainment Facility
September 17, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro successfully negotiated and finalized two commercial lease transactions. D’Amaro represented a nationally recognized performing arts dance company to lease space for office and warehouse use. The lease is for a 10-year term for the occupancy of 17,000 square feet in two buildings located in Secaucus, N.J. The second lease was for an entertainment …
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Mitchell and D’Amaro Review Lease of Medical Company
July 26, 2017 | Richard A. Mitchell | Louis D'Amaro | Corporate | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Richard Mitchell and Louis D’Amaro  completed the review of an office lease for a medical company located at the Willow Park Office Park in Kingston, New York.  The lease included the expansion of the company’s existing offices to 3,692 square feet. …
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D’Amaro and Schieber Complete License Agreement
July 1, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Lou D’Amaro and Evan Schieber completed a License Agreement covering outdoor space in the courtyard area of a Manhattan residential condominium for the installation of HVAC units and equipment servicing the street level, retail condominium unit owned by our client. The license is for a ten-year term with two five year renewal options.  The license …
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D’Amaro Reviews Lease Agreement for Laser Tag Facility
July 1, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Lou D’Amaro completed the review of a twenty-five year commercial lease covering a 15,000 square foot building located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  The client intends to use the building as a laser tag facility and entertainment center.  Basic rent is supplemented by an annual payment of additional rent based upon gross revenue of the facility. …
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D’Amaro Completes Lease Negotations for NYC Restaurant
May 6, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro represented a landlord in lease negotiations, resulting in a 15-year lease with an option to renew, for a trendy Asian restaurant located on the Upper East Side. …
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D’Amaro and Glambosky Facilitate Building Acquisition and Restoration Project
March 20, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro and Erez Glambosky represented a real estate developer in its acquisition of a dilapidated 10-unit residential building, located at 119 West 111th Street, New York, NY, for a purchase price of $2 million and involving extensive negotiations to resolve the building’s structural issues. Now the client has embarked on an ambitious restoration project on the …
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D’Amaro Closes Second Mortgage Financing Transaction for Walgreens
January 27, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro closed on a second mortgage financing transaction for a Walgreens located in New Castle, Pennsylvania in the loan amount of $1 million.  The lender was Investors Bank. …
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D’Amaro Completes Lease Negotiations for Skechers
January 17, 2017 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro continues his representation of Skechers’ national expansion by completing lease negotiations for retail locations in Miami, Hawaii and Vancouver, BC. …
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Glambosky and D’Amaro Close on Purchase of Commercial Property
December 17, 2016 | Commercial Litigation | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Erez Glambosky and Louis D’Amaro, as part of a 1031 exchange, closed on the purchase of a commercial property located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, subject to a Walgreens drug store lease.  The Walgreens location was the 1031 exchange “replacement property” and was purchased for nearly $7 million, with $2.7 million in mortgage financing.  In January …
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D’Amaro’s representation of Skechers expands
July 15, 2016 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro’s representation of Skechers, the publically-traded shoe company, has expanded beyond our U.S. borders.  In addition to negotiating leases for Skechers in the lower forty eight states and Hawaii, Skechers has called upon Lou to oversee its expansion of retail operations in Canada.  In the last month, Lou finalized a lease for 9,000 square feet …
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D’Amaro sworn to Suffolk County Legislature for sixth and final term
January 11, 2016 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use
Louis D’Amaro was sworn into the Suffolk County Legislature for his sixth and final term on Monday, January 4, 2016 after winning re-election this past November.  During the campaign, Louis received the endorsement of every newspaper, organization and union offering an endorsement in legislative races including Newsday and The Long Island News.  He also had …
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