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New York Insurance Coverage Law Update — Compilation 2023
January 30, 2024 | Alan C. Eagle | Insurance Coverage

Please click the link below to view the New York Insurance Coverage Law Update – Compilation 2023.

New York

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Insurance Update
January 23, 2024 | Robert Tugander | Greg E. Mann | Insurance Coverage

In our January insurance update, we include three state cases addressing some less common situations.

It’s not often that a pollution exclusion is interpreted in the context of an auto policy.  But the South Dakota Supreme Court considered whether the exclusion barred a claim arising from a contaminated wheat delivery.

Village officials made it very

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NY Court of Appeals Hears Oral Argument on COVID-19 Business Interruption Case
January 16, 2024 | Laura (Mulholland) Gindele | Insurance Coverage

On January 10, the New York Court of Appeals heard oral arguments on a COVID-19 coverage appeal by a restaurant operator, Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc. (CRO), which posed issues of first impression. Courts nationwide are looking to see how New York’s highest court will decide the case.

The case before the Court of Appeals stems

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The Title Reporter: A Legal Update for the Title Insurance Industry
January 8, 2024 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use | Insurance Coverage

Here is what we cover in this issue of Title Insurance Update Winter 2024:

  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, affirming a decision by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, has ruled that Standard Exclusion 3(a) of a title insurance policy precluded coverage of fees and costs
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New York Insurance Coverage Law Update
December 27, 2023 | Alan C. Eagle | Insurance Coverage

Second Circuit Finds That Criminal Activities Exclusion Defeats Coverage For Disability Benefits

Jason Brand made a claim for disability benefits under his disability policy with Principal Life Insurance Company on the basis that he was totally disabled by extreme anxiety that began in July 2014 after a warrant was served on him by the

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Insurance Update
December 21, 2023 | Robert Tugander | Greg E. Mann | Insurance Coverage

Our December Insurance Update features a few firsts from state high courts. For the first time:

  • The Supreme Court of Hawaii addresses reimbursement of defense costs.
  • The Supreme Court of Illinois addresses coverage for construction defects.
  • The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia addresses trigger.

At the federal level:

  • The Ninth
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A Sleeping Giant: New York’s Grieving Families Act
December 20, 2023 | General Liability | Insurance Coverage

The pen is mightier than the sword — especially a pen held by a sitting governor. Currently sitting on the desk of New York’s governor is a piece of proposed legislation known as the “Grieving Families Act” which, if signed into law, will significantly broaden not only the categories of damages available in New York

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Law360: Insurer’s ‘600-Lb Life’ Win Shows Why Fraud Suits Don’t Stick
December 12, 2023 | Robert Tugander | Insurance Coverage

Robert Tugander wrote an article on the production company that produces the show “My 600-Lb Life,” and its the argument that its insurer fraudulently led it to believe it would have coverage for liability arising out of the show’s production.

To read the article, click the link below.

Law360 – Insurer’s ‘600-Lb Life’ Win Shows

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New York Insurance Coverage Law Update
November 29, 2023 | Alan C. Eagle | Insurance Coverage

New York’s Highest Court Holds That Portion Of Premium Need Not Be Refunded For Death During Policy Period Of Universal Life Policy

The Joan C. Lupe Family Trust purchased a policy under which Lincoln Life and Annuity Company of New York agreed to provide universal life insurance coverage with Joan C. Lupe as the

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Insurance Update
November 17, 2023 | Robert Tugander | Greg E. Mann | Insurance Coverage

In our November Insurance Update, we address consent, “occurrence,” malicious prosecution, claims-made reporting requirements, and the duty to defend.

Consent has seemed to plague TV-maker Vizio. First, it got into trouble with consumers by allegedly secretly collecting information about their viewing habits and selling that information without the consumers’ consent. Then, it reached a deal

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