Strober Prevails in Last-Minute Bronx County Labor Law Trial

September 23, 2019 | General Liability

Eric Strober obtained a defense verdict in a labor law trial in Bronx County on a case in which he was called in at the last minute by a commercial real estate company whose in-house counsel had already selected a jury.  In the case, the plaintiff, who claimed he had worked at a construction site on West 55th St. in Manhattan, also claimed he fell through a large hole in a concrete floor, dangling to the floor below, sustaining a back injury requiring surgery. Eric established for the jury that the claim was fraudulent, that there never was any hole in the concrete and also demonstrated to the jury that that the claim of a back surgery done by Dr. Sebastien Lattuga was not indicated or related to the accident.  The jury deliberated for less than 30 minutes before rendering a defense verdict.

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  • Eric S. Strober

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