Sirignano and Bholan Victorious at Arbitration

April 22, 2016 | Commercial Litigation | Insurance Fraud

Michael Sirignano and Michelle Bholan prevailed in securing an award on behalf of our corporate client against a large medical practice based on breach of the parties’ agreement.  Specifically, the firm’s client entered into a contract with the medical practice to build and help operate a new in-office physician laboratory.   After the client incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and build-out costs to ready the project, the medical practice refused to honor the agreement.  Following a two-day arbitration hearing, the arbitrator rejected the medical practice’s claim that it was fraudulently induced into entering the agreement and/or that the agreement violated New York law.  Instead, the arbitrator found that the parties had entered into a valid and enforceable contract that was breached by the medical practice.  As such, the arbitrator awarded our client virtually the entire amount demanded in damages and attorneys’ fees.


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