Shari Lewis on Panel for PLUS Webinar

September 24, 2013 | Professional Liability | Complex Torts & Product Liability | Intellectual Property

On September 24, Shari Claire Lewis will be on the panel for a PLUS webinar entitled, “The Plaintiff Who Knew Too Much.”  This Webinar will explore how lawyers and other professionals have increasingly embraced 21st Century technologies without considering the potential impact it might have on their professional and ethical duties to clients. Using a fun overlay of a fictitious managing partner who must solve the mystery of how an adversary knows confidential, strategic information about a big case, it will provide substantive discussion of a variety of potential scenarios that could lead to the loss of confidential information, the tensions between attorney-client obligations and law firm employee rights and insurance implications should claims arise as a result of a misdirected email or a purloined iPad. These and other potential technology exposures for the unwary professional will be explored as the hapless managing partner’s investigations teach him about the real life technology habits of his attorneys and staff.

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