Robertelli and Pappas Secure Dismissal with Prejudice

August 29, 2017 | General Liability

While participating in a hockey tournament in Gloucester County, New Jersey, Plaintiff sustained significant facial injuries when he struck a rink door. John Robertelli and Alex Pappas secured a dismissal of all claims against the Gloucester Township Men’s Hockey League (GTMHL), which was alleged to have sanctioned the tournament.

After filing a motion for summary judgment, which argued that the GTMHL did not organize or sanction the tournament that Plaintiff was participating in, Alex appeared at a non-binding arbitration and obtained a “no cause of action” in favor of the GTMHL from the panel of arbitrators.

With the motion for summary judgment pending, Plaintiff decided not to reject the arbitrator’s award, which led to a motion to confirm the arbitration award. The Honorable Jean B. McMaster J.S.C granted our motion and dismissed all claims against GTMHL with prejudice.

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