Kenigsberg Presents Webinar for International Claim Association

November 15, 2018 | Privacy, Data & Cyber Law

On November 14th, Jay Kenigsberg presented a webinar for members of the International Claim Association entitled,”Cyber Scamming in the Reinsurance World – How to Recognize that You are Being Cyber Manipulated.”  Jay was joined on the presentation by Dinah Davis, the vice-president of Research and Development for Arctic Wolf Networks and the founder of Code Like a Girl.  Jay and Dinah discussed recent scams affecting the industry, including ransomware for data attacks, social engineering for money scams and phishing for credentials fraud.  Included in the presentation was a rarely seen video of the WannaCry virus in action.  The webinar presented real-world scenarios, provided recommended response actions and described best practices to prevent future attacks.

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