Grill and Schieber Secure Yellowstone Injunction

July 29, 2016 | Commercial Litigation

David M. Grill and Evan Schieber obtained an important victory, securing Yellowstone injunctive relief on behalf of a medical practice confronted with the threat of lease termination.    In the case of Omnicare Anesthesia, P.C. v Hazel Blue Nostrand, LLC, Supreme Court, Kings County, Index No. 51140/16, the Supreme Court, after oral argument, granted our application for an injunction enjoining the defendant-landlord from terminating our client’s long-term lease during the pendency of the action.   Without the injunction in place, the Lease could be effectively terminated before the merits of the action are adjudicated and our client would have been powerless to revive the terminated lease.

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  • David M. Grill
  • Evan R. Schieber

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