Greener presents program to Financial Planning Association of New York

May 14, 2015 | Trusts & Estates

Jeffrey Greener, a partner in the Firm’s Trusts & Estates Practice Group, presented, “Essentials for Supplemental Needs and Elder Law Planning,” to the Financial Planning Association of New York (FPA). 

The program reviews essential planning information and techniques for clients with developmentally disabled children and those addressing aging issues.  In planning for a disabled child, Jeff will review the planning essentials – including the government programs and offices to apply to for services, the asset and income restrictions for participants in those programs, guardianship, and structuring trusts and estates to ensure the best care of developmentally challenged children.  Special Needs Trusts will be examined in detail as a essential tool in such planning.  Turning to planning for elders, Jeff will cover the major issues planners need to be aware of, estate planning, government benefit planning, and guardianship matters.  There will be an examination of the trust and estate documents utilized in elder law that help effect the proper transfer of assets to heirs and the warning signs of elder abuse.

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