Glambosky, Honig and Meisel Save Bagel Boss

March 10, 2020 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use

Bagel Boss of Merrick (“BBM”) retained the Firm to take on its landlord who, along with landlord’s counsel, had designed a plan to deprive BBM of its contractual right to extend the Merrick lease for five years, notwithstanding BBM’s confirmation to the landlord that it was exercising the option to extend.  After meeting with BBM in late February 2020, Glambosky, Honig and Meisel quickly determined that an immediate declaratory judgment action was necessary to signal to the landlord that BBM would not be denied its option to extend the lease without due process.  Immediately after the commencement of the action, landlord conceded and stipulated to an acknowledgement of the extension of the five year term.

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