DiGennaro, Green and Lewis to Speak at the 2016 Claims & Litigation Management Alliance Conference

April 7, 2016 | Privacy, Data & Cyber Law | Professional Liability | Compliance Investigations & White Collar | Directors & Officers Liability | Employment & Labor

Held each spring, the CLM Annual Conference features more than 80 collaborative educational sessions and keynote presentations designed by industry professionals to help attendees gain the knowledge they need to be on the forefront of the industry. Attendance at the Annual Conference is limited to 1,800 individuals and is balanced among CLM Members and Fellows.

The 2016 CLM Annual Conference will be held in Orlando, FL from April 6 – 8. Janice DiGennaro, Scott Green and Shari Claire Lewis will all present at this year’s event.

Janice DiGennaro will participate in Session 4 – Claims Management – Law Firm Dissolutions, Receivers, Bankruptcy and Claims.

Session Descriptive:

Beginning in 2008, several mega law firms imploded. Law firm failures result from a variety of factors but are most common during troubled economic times. When a law firm collapses, state bar associations, receivers and bankruptcy trustees are tasked with the obligations to wind down and dissolve in an orderly fashion. The dissolution process is messy and further complicated by claims and ethical issues. This roundtable will examine the causes of collapse and the issues confronting the Receiver or Trustee in winding up the affairs of the law firm.

Scott Green, a member of the CLM Religious and Not For Profit Committee, will participate in Session 4 – Religious Non-Profit – Answering to a Higher Power.

Session Descriptive:

Religious Institutions are unique in the eyes of the law and, correspondingly, require leadership and counsel that understand these distinctions. In the context of employment discrimination litigation, the ministerial exception applies to shield religious institutions from scrutiny in their employment-based decisions when the employee in question is expected to personify the institution’s religious beliefs. Participants will review the current state of the law by examining decisions applying the ministerial exception since SCOTUS 2012 Hosanna-Tabor decision. The group will discuss whether the exception strikes a proper and workable balance between autonomy in employment based decision-making and employee protections and how the law affects internal decision making.

Shari Claire Lewis will participate in Session 5 – Cyber Liability – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Fall

Session Description:

This session will explore the types of claims that may be anticipated in the event of a cyber-breach incident that includes loss of client information that was entrusted to the professional. We will explore the impact on professionals of evolving cyber-breach litigation issues, such as whether each plaintiff must show individual, actual damages, the application of mass tort practice to data breach litigation and the extent to which plaintiffs can successfully pigeon hole their claims into existing privacy rights law or create privacy rights that were not previously recognized. The roundtable is intended to provoke creative discussion among participants engaged in cyber liability, professional liability or anyone with confidential data on their computer systems about the claims that may be anticipated in the event of a cyber-breach event.

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