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February 14, 2018 | Robert Tugander | Insurance Coverage

We bring you our February Insurance Update.  In this month’s issue:

  • The Eighth Circuit considers if the “particular part” exclusion bars coverage for damage to an electrical transformer;
  • A Pennsylvania federal judge determines whether a homeowners’ policy covers the costs to clean up a heating oil spill in the home’s basement;
  • A Florida federal judge doles out a lesson for insurers seeking equitable subrogation;
  • A California federal court addresses whether a severability clause in a primary policy negates an exclusion in an excess policy;
  • An Alaska federal judge decides whether an insured, criminally charged with violating a federal statute, but acquitted, is entitled to recoup its defense costs from its insurer;
  • The Third Circuit considers if the statute of limitations begins to run where a policyholder treats the rejection of a proof of loss as a denial of coverage;
  • An Illinois appellate court discusses when an insurer must pay for independent counsel; and
  • The Eighth Circuit determines if a claim for diminution in value meets the “property damage” definition.

We hope you find these cases interesting.

Robert Tugander

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