Insurance Update

December 17, 2020 | Insurance Coverage

Here is what we cover in our December Insurance Update.

  • In a case of first impression, the Illinois Supreme Court construes a mechanical device exclusion in an auto policy.
  • A New Jersey federal judge considers whether an insured is covered under its E&O policy for an email spoofing scheme.
  • Federal courts in California and Pennsylvania take a look at Advertising Injury coverage; specifically, whether a copyright dispute was a “suit,” and whether an alleged false advertising campaign amounted to disparagement.
  • And speaking of false advertising, a federal court in Missouri considers whether a claim grounded in misleading marketing of sugary cereals presented a claim for “bodily injury.”
  • A Texas federal judge decides whether 124 food poisoning claims from the same restaurant resulted from a single occurrence or multiple occurrences.
  • And we close out the issue with two Ohio Appellate Court decisions – one on fortuity and the other on vertical exhaustion.

We hope you enjoy the update and the holidays even more.

Have a healthy and happy holiday season.

Rob Tugander and Greg Mann

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