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February 18, 2020 | Robert Tugander | Greg E. Mann | Insurance Coverage

Courts have been busy deciding insurance disputes.  As a result, our February Insurance Update is quite robust.

Here are the headlines from this month’s update:

Whether Intentional Assault Is an “Accident” Depends on Insured’s Viewpoint, Delaware Supreme Court Rules

  • Illinois Supreme Court Applies Auto Policy’s “Unambiguous” Anti-stacking Clause
  • Eighth Circuit Rejects Coverage for “Dome-Outs” in Underground Storage Facility
  • “Rock Fines” Discharged in Creek Are “Contaminants” for Purposes of Pollution Exclusion, Fifth Circuit Rules
  • Maryland District Court Finds Coverage for Ransomware Attack Under Businessowners Policy
  • Maryland Appellate Court Decides Two Insurance Coverage Issues in Lead Poisoning Case: Allocation and Interest
  • Antitrust Claim Based on Fraudulently Procured Patent Does Not Fall Within “Malicious Prosecution” Coverage, California Appellate Court Says
  • Exclusions Bar Coverage for TCPA and Common Law Claims, Illinois District Court Decides
  • Insurer Had No Duty to Defend Highway Engineer After Multi-Vehicle Accident: Professional Error Was Not an Occurrence and Otherwise Barred by Professional Services Exclusion, Indiana Federal District Court Rules
  • Professional Services Exclusion Bars Coverage of Suit Against Contractor on Construction Project, Texas District Court Concludes

We hope that you find these cases informative.

Rob Tugander and Greg Mann

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