Cuomo to Again Seek Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in NYS

October 21, 2020 | Cannabis

Earlier this week, Axel Bernabe, Assistant Counsel to NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo, indicated that he expected the state budget to once again include provisions legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and permitting the use of CBD (cannabidiol) in food and beverages. Bernabe disclosed the news during an interview with Canopy Growth Corp.’s David Culver on the company’s video series, “Under The Canopy.”

The Governor’s proposed budgets for 2019 and 2020 contained similar proposals, which foundered on disputes over the equities of tax revenue distribution and the ability of local communities to opt out of the recreational use program. According to Bernabe, the proposals to be put forth by Gov. Cuomo have been designed to address these concerns and ensure that the legislation will be a “model for other states, prioritizing social equity and economic development.”

According to Bernabe, the state budget will also contain provisions legalizing the use of CBD in food and beverages while adopting a strict regulatory regime designed to address concerns about safety and quality of products in today’s largely unregulated CBD market. Among the proposals will be to set a maximum 25 milligram CBD dose per serving.

This renewed effort for legalization in New York comes on the heels of legalization laws passing in Vermont and Massachusetts with efforts to permit recreational use under way in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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  • Marc S. Ullman

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