Wilck Co-Presented at USLAW Network Client Conference

September 7, 2017 | David S. Wilck | Professional Liability

David Wilck was a co-presenter at the USLAW Network Client Conference. David’s presentation was entitled, “Contribution and Indemnity Claims Nondelegable Duty/Contribution and Indemnity Claims Between Professionals.”

Program description:

In today’s economy, professionals frequently outsource certain aspects of their jobs to independent contractors. When a client hires an attorney or a patient sees a physician, he or she is relying on the professional’s skill and expertise, but the client or patient might suffer an injury as a result of the negligence of the independent contractor. When this occurs, who is ultimately liable? This session will provide a road map for professional liability attorneys and risk managers for understanding how common law and statutory duties and contractual arrangements may affect the apportionment of liability among professionals. Participants will walk away from the presentation with an awareness of strategies for successfully litigating and resolving such claims and methods for mitigating such risks.

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