Wilck a Moderator at the ABA’s National Legal Malpractice Conference

April 27, 2016 | Professional Liability | Directors & Officers Liability | Intellectual Property

David Wilck will be a moderator at the American Bar Association’s National Legal Malpractice Conference in April 27-29, 2016, in New Orleans, LA.

The session is entitled, “Effective Impeachment and Rehabilitation in the High-Stakes Legal Malpractice Case.”

Session descriptive:

Legal malpractice cases typically raise issues of ethics, morality, and “right and wrong” that are susceptible to use of impeachment and rehabilitation devices and techniques.  This panel will use a hypothetical to explore the most important sources of impeachment evidence, and a jury consultant will provide input regarding juror reactions to different types of impeachment and rehabilitation strategies.  The panelists will demonstrate impeachment by way of character evidence; prior inconsistent statements and acts; bias, prejudice, interest, influence, and motive; and techniques for rehabilitating the witness following such credibility attacks.  Attendees will become better equipped to plan, anticipate and execute effective witness impeachment and rehabilitation.

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