Valverde Discusses Military Experience with LIBN

July 11, 2017 | Insurance Coverage

Frank Valverde was interviewed for the Long Island Business News story, “An Officer and an Attorney.” The article reveals how military experience can contribute to an attorney’s success.

Frank, a former specialist in the U.S. Army, credits the military for his decision to pursue a legal career. “As a young soldier, the skill you would learn first is confidence,” he said, adding that such confidence helped him go after his dream of becoming an attorney.

Being in the military “definitely helped me in law school,” and allowed him to remain calm during exams and studying, which his classmates found stressful. He added that feeling calm under pressure is something he learned in the Army, and it gives him an edge over other attorneys.

Competing in “Soldier of the Year” events helped Frank prepare for the pressure found inside a courtroom. In these events, a board of military personnel would grill him with questions ranging from the Army’s history to the operation of various weapons.

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