Ullman Responds to Sen. Schumer’s Call for Federal Proble of Supplements Makers

January 2, 2020 | Compliance Investigations & White Collar

Marc Ullman was interviewed for the January 2 Long Island Business News story, “Schumer: FDA must reform diet supplement industry.” The article discussed Sen. Charles Schumer’s press conference, where he called for the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate three supplement makers based on Long Island.

Marc said that new regulations aren’t necessary. The FDA needs to enforce what’s already on the books,” he told LIBN.

“It hurts the image of the industry when incidents like these go to the media and come to the senator’s attention, and he holds a press conference,” he added.

But on Long Island, he said, a “robust majority of companies are compliant and work hard to be compliant.”

Still, there “are companies for whatever reason that have fallen through cracks,” he said.

Leaders at these companies are perhaps not keeping up with the latest regulations, or are stuck in mindset from years ago, Ullman said.

But when companies are cited, they should “act responsibly” and get counsel involved who can identify “experts – generally consultants who can help you fix the mechanical problem you have in your facility,” he said.

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