Sheinberg Featured as Women in the Law Spotlight

May 10, 2021 | Trusts & Estates

Wendy Sheinberg was spotlighted in the Nassau County Bar Association’s Women in the Law Committee newsletter.

Sheinberg’s spotlight included a brief description of her practice area, as well as a few other tidbits:

Tell us a unique or interesting CLE you have given or attended. 

“Over a decade ago, I attended an ‘Un-Program.’ Attendees were asked to submit topics they wanted to learn about. My submission topic was ‘Living life in balance, achieving family/life/work equilibrium.’

After a break I went to see what sessions were being offered, and there it was – ‘Living life in balance, achieving family/life/work equilibrium,’ facilitated by Wendy Sheinberg. That was quite a surprise. Since there was no time to prepare and no backing down, I thought, No one else is interested in this; it will be fine.

I was wrong, the room was packed with talented, creative attorneys. The session wound up being a give-and-take with people sharing ideas and deeply personal desires to find time for long lost hobbies and interests. It was great.

The best part … a year later at another conference, an attorney approached me and said:

I have to thank you; you changed my life.  I attended your life in the balance session at the Un-Program and it motivated me to pick up the guitar again, now I jam with my uncle on a regular basis and we are putting a band together. I cannot tell you how much this has improved my life.

So many people contributed great ideas and shared so much at the session. There was no particular piece of advice that flipped the switch for him, and odds are it was nothing I said, but over the past 10 years, nearly every time I speak with him, he thanks me. It was and is an amazing reminder that the actions we take and the words we speak can have deep and lasting impact. It continues to be an honor to think that one random thought gave rise to a program that helped someone find a little extra sunshine in his life.”

Random/Memorable fact about yourself or practice as an attorney.

“I have a habit of running into former professors/teachers in random vacation spots. By way of example: On a surfing trip to Costa Rica, I ran into my 7th grade gym teacher. On a snowboarding trip in Canada, I wound up on a ski lift with my law school real estate professor.”

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