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October 9, 2015 | Health Services

Steven Shapiro will be a co-speaker at the SupplySide West Conference, to be held in Las Vegas, NV on October 9.  Steven’s workshop is entitled, “Key Considerations in Selecting and Working with a Contract Manufacturer:  The Quality Agreement.


Many dietary supplement companies?whether large, mid-size or small operations, or single innovative entrepreneurs looking to have their dynamic new product idea be first to the market, fail to create any form of quality agreement and, in many cases, don’t even venture to have quality discussions. Only too often across-the-board assumptions are made by involved parties until a significant quality or regulatory issue or crisis arises at which point it is too late to write a quality agreement. Some companies are left to resort to their business/commercial contracts and terms of agreements, which do not then apply and ultimately become contentious. It is equally as critical for contract customers as it is for contract providers (manufacturers, packagers, distributors, labs and raw material suppliers/brokers) to carefully select and choose to work with reputable and credible organizations/companies/individuals to ensure a mutually successful and fully compliant outcome.

You will learn:

  • Whose contract/agreement is it: who writes it first, and can there be two contracts/agreements?
  • The differences between a business contract and a quality agreement
  • Quality criteria to use for the agreement.
  • Why qualified legal counsel should be involved in all stages
  • Who FDA will hold liable.

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