LIBN quotes Savino in article entitled, “Appealing For Justice”

March 20, 2017 | Insurance Coverage

William Savino was quoted in a Long Island Business News article entitled, “Appealing For Justice.”

In the March 17-23 article, written by Adina Genn, Bill discusses the overwhelming caseload of the New York Appellate Court and the need for a fifth department to alleviate the challenge.

“When you have to wait two years to have your appeal adjudicated, how is that the fair administration of justice?” Bill asked.  “If you’re a business person, how do you get the certainty and predictability that you need to run your business of it’s going to take two years to appeal to get [a matter] resolved?”

“The funding of the courts has been neglected,” Bill added.  “It must be revised.  I have appeals pending, not because the judges aren’t working hard.  There are so many cases in the Appellate Division, Second Department.  Long Islanders go there for justice.”

“You’re lucky if you get the process done in a year,” Bill added.  “The organized bar can be an agent of change to have a fifth department on Long Island.”  “The creation of an Appellate Division in Melville would be wonderful,” said Bill, citing a location that would be convenient for Long Islanders, no matter how far east or west in the region they live.  Noting the costs associated with a new courthouse might prevent any new efforts going forward, Bill concluded, “We can leave the construction of a courthouse for another day, and use of the facilities in Nassau and Suffolk.”

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