Rust and Barbere Devise Delaware Series LLC Structure for Investment Club

March 26, 2021 | Corporate

Jeffrey Rust and Samantha Barbere represented a New York limited liability company previously established by a group of physicians as an investment club. By pooling investment dollars, the club members would have access to investment opportunities not otherwise available to them individually. The client sought a structure that would allow the members to participate in separate investment opportunities of their choice within a single entity. Jeff and  Samantha recommended a Delaware series limited liability company to achieve the desired result. A Delaware series LLC allows for internal asset and liability segregation within a single LLC. Each protected series will be insulated from the profits, losses, debts, and obligations of the other protected series. The transaction involved merging the New York limited liability company into the Delaware series limited liability company and drafting a Series Limited Liability Company Agreement.

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  • Jeffrey P. Rust

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