Lewis and Wilck Moderators at USLAW Conference

May 3, 2018 | Privacy, Data & Cyber Law | Professional Liability

Shari Claire Lewis and David Wilck will be Session Facilitators at the 2018 USLAW Network Professional Liability Exchange, to be held on May 17-18, 2018.

Shari’s session is entitled, “The Rise of Cyberattacks and Cyber Liability Claims and the Resulting Impact on Carriers and Clients.”


The frequency of cyber liability claims is exploding. Law firms have become targets of internet scams and as a result, clients are now routinely bringing suits against their lawyers based on their failure to safely preserve client documents, secrets, finances, etc. This seminar will focus on the new and innovative causes of action being brought against firms, defenses to those claims and how carriers can access and evaluate if coverage exists for these new legal theories.

David’s session is entitled, “Dissecting and Understanding the Tripartite Relationship.”


The tripartite relationship among an insurer, insured and defense counsel is unique and like no other in the context of attorney-client relationships. This exchange topic will explore the intersection among the contractual, professional and ethical duties, obligations and responsibilities of all parties involved. We will discuss the carrier’s duties and obligations in the tripartite relationship, what the defense counsel’s ethical/ professional responsibilities are and what an insured’s rights/obligations are in the tripartite relationship.

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