Gurdus and Minarovich to Present CLE on Look Back Legislation

May 5, 2023 | Insurance Coverage

On May 23, Jason Gurdus and Siobhain Minarovich are presenting a program at the Nassau County Bar Association’s Dean’s Hour entitled “A Look Ahead at Look Back Legislation: A Primer for Coverage Issues for CVA Claims.” Jason and Siobhain are Chair and Vice-Chair of the Bar Association’s Insurance Law Committee, respectively.

This program will provide an overview of insurance coverage issues arising from the passage of Child Victims Acts (CVA) in New York and other states across the country. As a result of claims under the CVA, many institutions are or will be looking to their decades-old insurance policies to cover any potential exposure. Both insurance companies and their insureds will be faced with issues such as lost policies, the interpretation of “occurrence,” trigger, allocation, and the timeliness of notice.

The program will be eligible for CLE credit.

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