Gabay Quoted in ALM’s LegalTech News on Generative AI Implementation

September 18, 2023 | AI

Jenna Gabay was interviewed for the ALM news analysis piece, “What’s Holding Back—or Fostering—Generative AI Implementation? Legal Professionals Have Some Ideas.” The article quotes four attorneys and their views on what it might take for generative artificial intelligence to be embraced by their firm.

Jenna noted that Rivkin Radler is not opposed to generative AI integrations into its legal practice, but it is evaluating the timing and the technology.

“I think the hype is important in terms of raising awareness [about the technology],” Jenna said. “But my firm, really, we are in the research phase. We are in the skeptic phase. And we are actively interviewing various vendors [of generative AI].”

She said it will be important for the firm to take time doing due diligence on the technology and to think “critically and slowly and responsibly” before deciding whether to adopt it. “We’ve interviewed dozens of vendors, and I have to be honest that I have been surprised by how not ready the products are yet, for us,” she said. “We would get into a lot of presentations and there’s a lot of talking going on. Large language models, all of the lingo. At the end of the day when you get to brass tacks and start asking about the products. They’re not ready to launch yet.”


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