Del Pizzo Quoted in LIBN Article

May 13, 2019 | Intellectual Property

Nancy Del Pizzo was quoted in the May 10-16 issue of Long Island Business News‘ article, “Application versus registration.” The article describes how a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision will impact when a lawsuit can be brought for copyright infringement.

“Primarily, the decision standardizes when a party is able to file a copyright infringement lawsuit across the country,” said Del Pizzo. The Second Circuit, which includes New York, “already required a copyright plaintiff to obtain registration before filing a lawsuit, but it was not the case everywhere.”

“Let’s say a plaintiff who lives in California created an original work of authorship and was alleging a company based in New York was infringing on this copyright.” Del Pizzo continued. “If he didn’t have the registration in place, he may look to sue in California, especially if the deadline for the three-year statute of limitations is approaching.”  “It can take up to a year to obtain registration, unless the applicant opts for the speedier but more expensive special handling provision.”

  • Nancy A. Del Pizzo

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