Biscone and Giliberti Victorious in Labor Law Case

October 26, 2017 | Merril S. Biscone | General Liability

Frank Giliberti and Merril Biscone were successful in convincing a Court to keep a general contractor in a Labor Law case on behalf of the owner of the building in an exclusive area of Manhattan.  The Court agreed that there were issues of fact as to the general contractor’s role in the construction project on behalf of upscale retailer Valentino, the scope of its duties with regard to the subcontractor’s work and the issue of safety on the work site.  The Court also dismissed the majority of plaintiff’s claims against the owner on the basis that the owner did not create the condition that caused the accident, have actual or constructive notice of any dangerous condition or possess the authority to supervise or control the work which purportedly caused plaintiff’s injury.

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