In The Courts

May 31, 2015

Texas County Appeals in San Jacinto River Case

Harris County, Texas, has filed an appeal in Harris Co. v. International Paper, a case involving allegations of contamination of the San Jacinto River.

As alleged, the Pasadena Mill, owned by Champion Paper, disposed of dioxin-laced paper mill waste in holding pits created on the banks of the San Jacinto River. At trial, a number of defendants settled with the county before the jury verdict for approximately $29 million.

In its appeal, the county argued that evidence about dioxin exposure was withheld from the jury when it should have been admitted.

Alleging Delays in Disability Benefits Appeals, Viet Nam Veteran Files Suit

The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims now has its first class action lawsuit, filed by a Viet Nam veteran claiming that a decision on his appeal of his claim for disability benefits had been excessively delayed.

The veteran, Conley Monk Jr., alleged that he had been exposed to Agent Orange while he was in Viet Nam in 1969 and 1970, that he had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and diabetes in 2011, and that the Department of Veterans Affairs had denied his claim for disability benefits but that his 2013 appeal of that ruling had not yet been decided.

Monk is seeking a court order requiring the government to make a decision within 30 days of every appeal that has been pending for over one year if the claimant has a financial or medical hardship.

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