Keep the DOL from Knocking at Your Door

September 25, 2015 | Employment & Labor

A recent Supreme Court ruling Tibble v. Edison has completely changed the landscape for employers, plan sponsors, fiduciaries and employees.  This ruling has expanded the rights of employees to sue their employers and plan sponsors for failing to act prudently in the monitoring of their 401(k) plans.  All employers have some level of fiduciary responsibility and as a plan fiduciary, your personal assets are at risk.  In this ever-expanding regulatory and litigious environment, many wealth management advisers that do not specialize in 401(k) plans are not able to help you protect yourself against a potential lawsuit.

Topics of Discussion

  • What Tibble v. Edison means for Plan Sponsors – Dawn Feniello of Priority Pension Services, Inc.
  • New DOL Rules on Employee Classifications and Employee Handbooks – Brian S. Conneely, Esq. of Rivkin Radler LLP
  • Compliance Relief through Payroll Integration – Ryan Kadri of Paylocity
  • Top Ten Mistakes made by Plan Sponsors – Thomas Fleming, Regional Sales Director of Empower Retirement

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