Ullman Quoted in Natural Products Insider

May 6, 2019 | Compliance Investigations & White Collar | Health Services

Marc Ullman was quoted in a Natural Products Insider article, “Hi-Tech sues FDA over DMHA enforcement.” The article discusses how Hi-Tech complained that FDA’s “arbitrary and capricious” enforcement against the stimulant threatens its CEO Jared Wheat’s bond stipulations in a multi-count federal criminal indictment.

“A botanical might have been marketed as a dietary ingredient [before DSHEA], but what evidence is there that a synthetic single constituent extracted from the botanical is safe, especially in amounts impossible to consume by ingesting walnut bark?” Ullman questioned, adding this is a matter of public safety.

“This was already addressed in the DMAA case,” he said, acknowledging the case is under appeal. “It is inconceivable to me that this part of the decision would be overturned.”

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