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April 19, 2019 | Compliance Investigations & White Collar | Health Services

Marc Ullman was quoted in a Natural Products Insider article, “The Vitamin Shoppe to carry CBD following FDA’s move to exercise ‘enforcement discretion.'” The article discusses the FDA’s announcement to exercise “enforcement discretion” related to foods and supplements containing CBD as a factor driving mass-market retailer activity in the category, including The Vitamin Shoppe’s recent move to carry CBD supplements.

Ullman commented that The Vitamin Shoppe’s move to carry CBD supplements has created a new, “level of comfort” among mass market retailers.

According to Ullman, risk faced by retailers of FDA action related to marketing CBD supplements “would seem to be minimal,” as long as retailers and brands have “good control of their supply chain and they know the CBD they are sourcing is legitimately from industrial hemp.”

He continued, “Six months ago there were no large hemp crops in the United States other than in a couple of individual states that had authorized hemp programs and, at least in theory, those were targeted at research of one kind or another. Now I see CBD supplements, I see CBD oils, I see CBD cosmetics, I see CBD gummy bears, I see CBD brownies and apparently in two days I’m going to see CBD hamburgers,” he said, referring to Carl Jr.’s announcement that the fastfood chain will sell a burger with CBD-infused sauce on April 20.  “Where’s all this CBD coming from? … People need to know their supply chain.”

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