Shapiro Speaks about the Power of NAD’s Determinations

May 31, 2023 | Compliance Investigations & White Collar

Steven Shapiro was quoted in the article, “NAD Recommends Clearer Disclosure of Affiliate Advertising Relationships,” which appeared in Vitamin Retailer and Nutrition Industry Executive. According to the story, the National Advertising Division of BBB National Programs recommended that Revenue by Science disclose its relationship with third-party websites promoting sales of its dietary supplements.

Steven said, “As a private organization, other than issuing a press release, NAD does not have authority to fine or otherwise enforce its determinations. However, the FTC is publicly supportive of industry self-regulation and will give priority to referrals from NAD concerning advertisers and marketers that refuse to participate or comply with NAD decisions. So, if an entity refuses to participate in an NAD challenge, and/or refuses to comply with a determination they are likely to quickly find themselves dealing with FTC.”

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