Riverso, De La Hoz and Impellizeri Obtain Summary Judgment

March 25, 2022 | Construction

Pia E. Riverso, Catalina De La Hoz and Michael Impellizeri, on behalf of our clients, successfully argued and obtained summary judgment in Kings County Supreme Court.

Our clients were constrained to commence suit after their neighbor improperly erected a fence on our clients’ properties taking a strip of land from both of their properties, modified our clients’ retaining wall and completed other construction-related activities which encroached upon our clients’ properties. The neighbor cross-moved to dismiss the action based on, among other things, the doctrine of practical location.

The Court issued a decision granting our clients’ motion for summary judgment on their causes of action for a mandatory injunction to remove the encroachments pursuant to Real Property Actions and Proceeding Law Section 871, trespass, and nuisance, and denied the neighbor’s cross-motion to dismiss.

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