Novikoff Receives Dismissal Of Age/Gender-Based Discrimination Suit

July 27, 2018 | Employment & Labor

In Braun v. Administrators For The Professions, Inc., et. al.,  Plaintiff, a former high-level executive earning approximately $1 million shortly before her termination, sued Defendants, alleging that the termination was based upon her age and gender, as well as that she was forced to endure a hostile work environment also because of her age and gender.  Judge Hurley of the U.S. District Court granted Defendants’ Rule 12(c) motion, agreeing with Defendants’ arguments that Plaintiff had not sufficiently pled any plausible claim of discrimination.  Although noting that the burden to state a plausible claim of discrimination under Title VII and the ADEA is “minimal,” Judge Hurley nevertheless agreed with Defendants’ analysis that Plaintiff had not met even that minimal standard.


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