Lewis and Isaacson Obtain No Probable Cause Determination from DHR

February 8, 2021 | Professional Liability

Shari Lewis and Debbie Isaacson successfully defended their client, a not-for-profit housing and homeless services organization, in a discrimination matter before the New York State Division of Human Rights. The Complainant asserted claims of discrimination based on race, religion and national origin, alleging that she was discriminated against during personal screenings upon entering the shelter and at other times during her time at the facility.

Lewis and Isaacson successfully argued that the allegations of discrimination were made against a non-party, not their client, that their client took steps to ensure that its residents were treated equally, and that their rules and procedures were set forth in writing and were applied to Complainant just as they were to every other resident. Lewis and Isaacson also demonstrated that Complainant refused to comply with requirements regarding certain medical evaluations.

The Division of Human Rights agreed, issuing a determination of no probable cause to believe that their client engaged in unlawful discriminatory practice. The Division found that there was no evidence to support Complainant’s claims that the screening process was discriminatory and agreed that Complainant refused to complete her required medical evaluations. The Division’s independent investigation also confirmed Lewis and Isaacson’s arguments that their client did not engage in any of the alleged discriminatory conduct.

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