Kaiser and Murphy to Present at Huntington Rotary Club

February 27, 2019 | Compliance Investigations & White Collar

On March 5, Geoffrey Kaiser and Casey Murphy will be speaking to the Huntington Rotary Club regarding, “The Legal Pitfalls of Running a Cash Business.”

Program description:

Small businesses need to be aware that certain conduct that might seem a smart business move to avoid taxes and increase profit, can be big problem and a huge expense.  For example, for many cash businesses such as restaurants, food services and general contractors, the payment of employees in cash or the failure to ring up sales can lead to prosecutions by state taxing agencies.  In addition, payment of a small business owner’s personal expenses through the business is common.  Indeed, many small business owners see this as one of the benefits to owning a small business – reducing their tax burden by deducting personal rather than business expenses.  However, these activities while commonly undertaken are also illegal and can lead to civil penalties and, in some instances, criminal prosecution with fines, interest, and even incarceration.  The speakers – Geoffrey Kaiser and Casey Murphy – are both former prosecutors and now criminal defense attorneys who will give an overview of the relevant legal issues and potential pitfalls.

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