Fader Quoted in Bloomberg’s Health Law & Business

August 29, 2018 | Health Services

Eric Fader was quoted in an article published in Bloomberg’s Health Law and Business, “State Employees May Be Key to Medicaid Fraud Fight.” The article discusses how using state employees instead of private contractors to determine who’s eligible for Medicaid could be more beneficial to the system in the long run.

“The CMS hasn’t done a great job in fighting Medicaid fraud and improper payments by itself, so providing more state involvement in the audit process can’t hurt,” said Fader. “The CMS could then conduct its own oversight reviews of states’ eligibility determinations to help guard against erroneous determinations.”

“It might even be possible to incorporate into the process some incentive or penalty for states that do an exceptionally good or poor job, respectively, of auditing Medicaid applicants, based on CMS’s subsequent reviews,” informed Fader.

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