Diviney Comments on Proposed Pay Transparency Law

September 15, 2022 | Employment & Labor

John Diviney commented on New York State’s proposed pay transparency law in the Newsday article, “Pending state law on job listings may mean less mystery about pay.”

If the law is signed, job ads must be more transparent about salary. This law comes about for many reasons, including that pay transparency can help close any wage gaps that exist.

“It puts the salary range out in the open in an effort to further pay equity,” says Diviney.

Diviney says he finds most clients leave out salary ranges. However, he said that would change with this legislation.

“I do think it could become law in New York,” says Diviney. “ A number of states already have it.”

But New York State adding the part about including a job description in the posting if it exists goes “farther than other states or New York City has gone,” he says.

There needs to be more guidance on this considering “some job descriptions are two pages. How do you do that in a job posting?,” he stated.

If signed, it’s anticipated there’d be regulatory guidance from the Department of Labor before it takes effect, Diviney says.

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  • John K. Diviney

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