Cuomo Seeks to Increase Number of NYS Healthcare Workers

March 24, 2020 | Ashley (Osadon) Algazi | COVID-19 | Hospitals | Legislation and Public Policy

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a number of Executive Orders aimed at temporarily facilitating the ability of healthcare professionals to practice in New York State and aid hospitals in the care and treatment of coronavirus patients. Gov. Cuomo has also been directly soliciting healthcare professionals from all forms of practice to supplement hospital capacity on a temporary basis to treat seriously ill coronavirus patients, including those that may need to be intubated. This push to increase the hospital workforce is another measure, along with the Executive Orders, aimed at ramping up professional participation in the fight against COVID-19.

Gov. Cuomo has also eased up on New York’s professional scope of practice rules as they relate to COVID-19. A more detailed discussion of the Executive Orders may be found here.

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