Psychedelic Therapy Training Program Launched

October 19, 2020 | Rivkin Rounds Staff | Behavioral Health | FDA | Hospitals | Pharmaceuticals

Mind Medicine, Inc. (MindMed) and NYU Langone Medical Center (NYU) recently announced a joint project to launch a clinical training program focused on psychedelic-assisted therapies and psychedelic-inspired medicines. MindMed, a psychedelic drug startup, is studying the use of hallucinogenic drugs in the treatment of mental health conditions. This venture is the first step in establishing a Center for Psychedelic Medicine at NYU.

The goals of the new program are to enable NYU to train a new generation of psychiatrists in psychedelic medicine and to lead critical research on these treatments, which may help people suffering from addiction and other mental illnesses. MindMed is committing $5 million in funding over five years to the NYU Langone Health Psychedelic Medicine Research Training Program and to establish the new Center at NYU.

The NYU joint venture will initially focus on substance use disorders, including opioid addiction and alcoholism. The psychedelic medicine industry is becoming more mainstream, with clinical trials ongoing at the Food and Drug Administration for numerous psychedelic substances.

This post was written by Joseph P. DiBella, a law school graduate who is not yet admitted to the New York State Bar.

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