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May 6, 2020 | Commercial Litigation

Michael Mulè spoke to Long Island Business News about the issues the legal field is facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and the way lawyers and firms are rising to the challenges.

The article, “The ‘justice gap,'” discusses how the pandemic is slowing down the legal system, despite the fact that people need legal help more than ever. Many aspects are delayed because of pandemic restrictions and the fact that the current situation is new and unfamiliar to everyone.

However, firms are remaining busy by advising clients on how to navigate the crisis and helping in any way they can. “We’re fortunate in the way that our firm is diversified in the work that we do,” said Mulè. “We’re answering tons of inquiries on what to do during the crisis, from those that relate to business advice.”

That advice includes information on new laws, how to get aid and how to take advantage of government programs. However, there are doubts about how to move forward and the uncertainty can weigh heavily on businesses. “The economy doesn’t like uncertainty,” said Mulè.

Although virtual conferences have become quite common within the recent weeks and have been a bit of a help, Mulè said the virtual system presents limitations, as in-person, a judge typically has the flexibility to move more cases. “It’s a work in progress,” he commented. They provide a temporary solution until offices open again.

Even though the reopening of law offices will most likely be gradual, there is the potential for an increase in demand for services. It could be a “mad scramble,” Mulè said, especially on the insurance side, where he anticipates “so many claims in an ever-changing environment.”

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