Mascia, Boyd and Han Obtain Prestigious O-1B Visa for BSO Violinist

June 25, 2020 | Commercial Litigation

This week, the Firm secured a visa reserved for those with extraordinary ability for a violinist seeking to join the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO), one of the top symphony orchestras in the country. Despite the high legal standard and long processing times, the Firm obtained the approval in less than a month, a tremendous feat in the immigration field. This success marks the Firm’s second immigration victory for a BSO musician this year. The BSO now refers the Firm to all its foreign national musicians who need immigration legal services, making Rivkin Radler the preferred law firm for BSO musicians. As a result of this relationship, the Firm also provides strategic advice to BSO musicians before their visa application begins, paving the way for smoother visa processing and increasing the satisfaction of the BSO and their musicians.

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