Lewis Quoted in Newsday Cyber Article

April 2, 2018 | Privacy, Data & Cyber Law

Shari Claire Lewis was quoted in Newsday cyber article, “Companies sacrifice security for mobile convenience, survey finds.” Lewis spoke on precautions that organizations should take when allowing their employees to conduct business on their personal mobile devices.

Lewis states, “… it pays to have mobile device policies in place. This policy should include a requirement that a device be protected by a ‘robust’ password that is changed frequently and that the company has the right to wipe out the contents of the device under certain circumstances.”

“In terms of best practices, it also pays when dealing with confidential or proprietary information that employees not sign into unprotected public Wi-Fi,” Lewis further stated.  “Policies, of course, may vary depending upon the firm.” “Your mobile standards require a reasonableness approach that takes into account the sensitivity of the data you’re accessing and the circumstances in which you access it,” she concluded.

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  • Shari Claire Lewis

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