Kurland Interviewed by CNBC Regarding Work Lottery Pools

June 26, 2018 | Trusts & Estates

Jason Kurland was interviewed by CNBC, “Mega Millions jackpot hits $212 million. Beware going in on tickets with co-workers.” The article warns of the potential hazards of going in on a lottery pool with your co-workers and the problems it could lead to if they hit the jackpot.

Kurland noted, “Say there are 15 people who win a lot of money. Getting 15 people to agree on anything in difficult. And then if they each get their own attorney, you’ve got 15 attorneys who are supposed to agree.”

Kurland believes the best way to handle an office pool is, “the person should give a copy of the tickets and a list of [participants] to everyone who’s in the pool. That way, if the person who’s in charge also bought a ticket on their own and it ends up winning, there’s a way to prove it wasn’t part of the pool.”

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