Kurland Interviewed by Law360 on Lottery Practice

August 23, 2019 | Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use | Trusts & Estates

On August 23, 2019 Jason Kurland was quoted in a Law360 article entitled “For Lawyer, Chance Powerball Job Leads To New Career Path.”

The story explains how Jason got to become “The Lottery Lawyer,” from representing his first jackpot winner in 2011. He discussed representing the winner of the largest jackpot ever — the $1.5 billion Mega Millions winner from South Carolina. “For such a large jackpot, that was the immediate concern, making sure we can keep anonymity,” Jason said. “There was a lot of estate planning. Different accounts. Different financial institutions. Meetings with financial advisers. Working with … charitable organizations.”

“We … work with the lottery commissions and try to maintain anonymity wherever possible,” he noted. “It’s a negotiation with them, understanding what they will allow. … I had a lot of connections with the Lottery Commission of South Carolina.”

Jason explained that the state laws vary on lottery winner anonymity. South Carolina, for example, allows lottery winners to remain anonymous. “States have their own regulations. Some allow anonymity right away. In some you have no chance of being anonymous. They’re going to make you come forward. In others, there’s … a gray area,” he said.

With the South Carolina winner, Jason didn’t go it alone: “I had a trusts and estates team. We met with the winners. We created [a] structure, and tried to keep as much anonymity as we could. It became a high-profile win, because it was so big, and they were wealth managers. It was a big story.”

Jason’s background in real estate law has proven helpful to his lottery clients. “They want to be diversified. Part of that diversity is a real estate component,” he said. “I have connections with brokers, developers and banks. Those connections have helped a lot of my winners. I was just sort of lucky … lucky to fall into it.”


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