Kurland Discusses Staying Under the Radar for Jackpot Winners

July 11, 2018 | Trusts & Estates

Jason Kurland was interviewed by CNBC on how to keep it under wraps if you’re the mega millions jackpot winner.

Kurland informed, “The jackpots are so much larger than they were years ago, which automatically creates more interest, and social media lets news of a winner spread so rapidly that it’s impossible to control.”

“Obviously it may be impossible to keep this from immediate family, but news like this travels quickly, try to keep the circle of people who know as small as possible. The media will try to find as many pictures of a winner as possible, and social media is the first place to look. You also want to make sure there’s as little personal information out there like your phone number or address,” Kurland warns.

“Just being out of town for a few days can help,” Kurland said.” In this 24-hour news cycle the interest in a winner will hopefully disappear after a few days. If you can avoid being around for a week, you might be able to escape the initial exposure.”

“Everyone there will be looking around to see who is spending more, who quit their job, who is taking big vacations,” Kurland said. “Winners should enjoy their new-found wealth, but if anonymity is a main concern, it can be a difficult balance to strike.”

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